Part 2

Again.  Never upset your Mistress.  I got the message just after talking on the phone.  It was clear.  You are to put on the full belt, change all your profiles to read “locked in permanent chastity” and mail the 2 keys to me in the morning.  I knew I had really messed up but also knew I didn’t have a choice.  I got out the shiny steel belt and wrapped the cold metal around my waist.  As my cock slid into the tight tube, I knew I was loosing all control and access to it.  The “click” of the lock made it throb under the thick silver cover as I accepted it was now no going back.  After, I logged into my online profiles and one after the other, updated my status as ordered.  My last task before falling asleep was to put the only 2 keys into an addressed envelope and put it in the mailbox for the morning post.  It was late after a long day and that lead to another turn of events in my tale of orgasm control by my Mistress.   That night I was torn with emotions.  Would I ever see my cock again?  Was my mistake relationship ending?  Was I ready to wear this full chastity belt 24/7?  My fate was sealed as secure as the belt has locked my..(still need to get used to saying).. HER cock. 

Chastity Clips: