So first rule of slavery is never upset your Mistress.  It all began one night when I was talking stupid and over stepped my bounds.  It would be a mistake I would pay for dearly.  The date was February 12 2019.  I will remember that date because it was when Mistress Susi ordered me into the full chastity belt.  Let me give a little background first.  We have used chastity many times before.  We started with cages.  The CB600s and then the Holytrainer.  Both were good for controlling me but I had issues with pinching and they both gave me mood issues cause of the lose of sleep and pain.  She also found out that ALL cages can be cheated by pulling the shaft out the back when it is soft.  Once she knew this fault, she demanded I get a full belt that was totally secure and uncheatable.   She selected the My-Steel Untouchable premium model.  Not only did it keep the cock in a steel sleeve, it had an additional steel cover for the entire balls as well.  It totally covered all and made them completely untouchable.  It has a open hole on the under part for easy use when going #2.  As well, it has a very effective drain tube that allows piss to flow and drain.  With full belts ,they take a long breaking in period before you can wear them for extended periods.  Its about getting the body adjusted to them.  Over about 6 weeks I wore it on and off to get used to the effects of having the steel wrapped around my waist and thru my crotch and legs.  Starting with hours, then a day, then adding to it over time.   Chastity was part of our BDSM relationship and as her personal house slave, I had to endure many types of play that she demanded.  Until that night in February, my…her cock wasn’t always locked.  That all changed.

Here is one of the videos where the Mistress is having fun with me in chastity Tightlyrubberd is teased and Locked in Latex, Chains and the Chastitybelt FullHD