Cleaning and using:

To wear a chastity cage with a urethral plug you need to ensure everything is completely clean.  By everything, I mean the cage, the penis, the hands touching it and the lube used.  I clean the cage well with hot water, antibacterial soap and let dry on a clean paper towel.  You should do this right before showering .  Once finish in the shower, you dry your body with a towel but the cock area with a new clean paper towel.  Towels can keep germs so don’t want that anywhere near anything going in your cock.  .  Once the hands and cock area are dried with a paper towel.  Its time to put to get locked up.  Just like all ball trap chastity cages, the ring goes on first.  Next you apply some sterile lube to the tip of the urethral plug sticking out the cock tube of the cage.  Taking a little more on your clean finger, you rub some lube on the shaft and around the head of the cock so it enters the cage easily (DO NOT USE YOUR FINGER TO PUT ANY LUBE DIRECTLY ON THE TIP OF THE COCK – as you want this area completely clean).  Next you insert the rod into the cock and using a que tip, assist the cock and shaft into the chastity tube till it reaches the end.  All that’s left is to insert the lock and your back secure. 

 Deep Cleaning:

Once a month, do a deep cleaning where you boil the cage in water to completely sterilize it.  You will also want to get a micro wire brush that will fit inside the urethral plug for these cleanings.  It helps remove any thing built up in the narrow tube.

Length of wear:

For longer wear – stainless steel is always best over poly or silicone, because those materials are porous.  Cages with a urethral plug are better not changes often as risk of getting an infection will rise the more you do it.   Doctors recommend a catheter to be changed every 3-4 weeks at least and this being similar, follow that schedule.  Of course, its up to your Keyholder as to the frequency of your release.

I personally recommend to remove it for cleaning and skin inspection every two weeks.