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Welcome to my official Mistress Susi homepage. Get all infos and interests about me and my passions. You’ll be a part of my world as german fetish domniatrix!

As a previous international photo model, I have always been a woman that liked to be in control of men. Endlessly fascinated by a variety of erotic expression, I love creating a scene that is unique unto itself and touches the limits of your experience.

Latest Stories

Permanent Chastity by tightlyrubberd

So first rule of slavery is never upset your Mistress.  It all began one night when I was talking stupid and over stepped my bounds.  It would be a mistake I would pay for dearly.  The date was February 12 2019.  I will remember that date because it was when Mistress...

Slut Candy`s long road to completion Part 4

2018 Spring: Before the next meeting in April , I picked a baby pink latex mini skirt for him, a white bra and a pink corset. Here is the video of him being dressed up: http://www.clips4sale.com/57901/20063811 He knew I had a surprise for him and he likely had an idea...

The Rubberdog

Tightlyrubberd was quickly becoming my most versatile slave. Not only do I enjoy him as a rubbergimp but his forced feminization into my rubberdoll was a smashing success. All of the play and clips we shoot are super popular. I was wanting to have another rubberobject...