I had planned for months in preperation for the trip to the Montreal Fetish Week event. I was taking my personal rubberslave and he was excited to be going out of town with his Mistress. This was our 1st trip out of the country together and he was ready to be shown off as my rubbertoy at one of the largest fetish events on the planet. I made sure he packed his best latex suit and hood for the trip. The stylish apartment we rented was centrally located but still required a walk and metro ride to get to the main events. I wanted this so he would be shown off in full rubber in public many times. The fetish picnic was the event I wanted to be display him at. Having him dress in his tight catsuit and matching hood, i added a collar and leash to ensure everyone knew he was my property. I dressed in a latex pencil skirt, a new black and red Bra with Latexbolero and Katvoodoo neck design. The walk to the metro was 5 blocks and many times we stopped to allow pictures to be taken by the locals. We got great comments and caused quite fun reactions from everyone. In the metro station, we took many pictures before loading the train. It was a busy workday so the streets, station and train were packed with people and I delighted in being out in public in latex with my full rubberslave. On the packed metro train, we were the only ones in latex and that only got me more excited. Standing out in such a way is something I love to enjoy and from my rubberslaves reaction, he does as well. Soo many riders asked for pictures and I`m sure the web is covered with images of our exploits.

Debarking the train, we again got stopped many times for questions and photos to be taken. All the while I enjoyed having my rubbertoy leashed and on full display for all to see. He was mine! The Jardin Gamlin was the public park the fetish picnic was being held at. The event has taken over 1\2 of the park so the rest was filled with Montreal locals enjoying their day. Many photographers where there to take pictures and a lot of the locals took them as well and were very curious about everything.