Chastity training and supervision through Loyalfans

Like announced here the instructions and details about monitored chastity training by me.

What you need :

-A Loyalfans  membership of my profile ( also gives you the access to special videos, lots of action pictures and uncensored pictures)

-A well fitting cage ( you can contact me on the messaging system after becoming a member if you need help choosing the right one for you)

-as many one way numeric plastic locks as possible ( every lock has a unique number)

-a good way of fixating a camera to film you when you take it off to clean and lock it back up, so there is no time where you could cheat

Details :

I need to know from you what the longest time in chastity was without a break and how often you think you need to take it off to clean. Some need that every day and some once a week only.

You are required to videotape the whole time from cutting the one way lock to after washing and putting a new one back on. Then you also need to send me a new picture with the unique number code, including a piece of paper with the date and time.

Your video must be uploaded onto cloud storage so I can look at it.

You are required to be ready to send me pictures with the cage on and special things added, that show it is a recent picture. The number of the lock must be readable


For my time involved you need a base membership on

Which also gives you access to uncensored pictures, exclusive videos and longer teasers for videos that are on my clip store. You also need to tip 10 Dollars a day/ 70 Dollars a week.

Our contact will be the messenger system on loyalfans and you are welcome to come into my chat at times to get more intensive teasing live on cam.

Additional Informations for the Holy Trainer: Since in that case the lock is integrated it is impossible to use the plastic one way locks. So you can get yourself a time lock. Details about it then also by me on loyalfans. You can find the timelock safe here: Time Lock Safe

Happy Locktober, maybe till then you are ready to be locked the whole month, lol