He had been wanting to meet me for many months. He was an avid rubberist but I had more plans for him. I arranged to meet him at a fetish location which was perfect for my plans. Our first meeting was just with him as a rubberguy. My plans to turn him into a girl came after. After our first meeting he was hooked and I knew I could do as I wish with him. On our second meeting, I made him go shopping with me for several very girly things. His suitcase was delayed so it was perfect. Pink toothbrush, pink shirt and other feminine items were some of the things I made him purchase.

It was very fun watching him struggle with having to get these things in public. Once back to the hotel, I had more news for him. I made him paint his toe nails purple and I delighted in watching his humiliation. Deep inside I could tell, he secretly enjoyed it. Once he finished, I took some pictures to post online. Seeing this, he knew his fate was sealed. He was on his way to becoming another of my feminized objects.