After the success of the first 2 visits with the rubberist, I couldnt wait to continue my plans to fully rubberize him. On this visit, I decided to incorporate his love and latex and add in his new need to be a girl. I set up a shoot where we would spend the day making Latex videos. He was very excited and didnt ask many details of what we would be shooting. Once he arrived at the location, I let him in on my plans. At first he was very nervous about being on video as a rubbergirl but once he started dressing in his latex, I could see he couldnt resist. We started with a simple black rubber catsuit and hood. Once getting him fully rubberd, we added sexy mesh stocking, a slutty dress and a blonde wig. Being he was still learning to be a girl, I took my time doing and showing him how to apply his make-up. He was getting more and more into being my rubbergirl all the time. Once we started shooting, all his inhabitions went away. I began with warming up is rubber covered ass with some good corporal. He took the ass whipping very hard and needed much more training like this in the future. After a bit, I put on a nice strap-on and went to work on him. Using the bench, I gave him his first ass fucking to ensure he got used to being used like a slut. At first, he struggled with this too but soon was meeting my thrusts like a good girl. The last clip we shot, I added a metal mouth gag and gave him some good cock sucking practice. From his reaction and being a fast learner, I knew i has a new slut to use and loan out. This was just another of many long days I have planned for him!